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A franchise that changes lives forever

Neil Munhofen is the owner of three Brain Balance centers in St Louis, Missouri. Neil is a practising chiropractor who became aware of Brain Balance due to his nephew’s participation in the program.

Name: Neil Munhofen
Franchise: Brain Balance
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Brain Balance is a franchise providing a non-medical, drug-free program to children suffering from a range of neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. The program uses methods like sensory-motor training and a clean eating system to address the challenges these children face, vastly improving their lives and those of their families.
Neil Munhofen is the owner of three Brain Balance centers in St Louis, Missouri. Neil is a practising chiropractor who became aware of Brain Balance due to his nephew’s participation in the program.
“I have a nephew who has Asperger’s, or had Asperger’s, I should say, and there just really wasn’t a lot of hope for him. He has a momma who would do anything. They went and did all the speech therapy, they were eating barley grass, they were trying anything they could do to try to help their son.
“They put him through the program and to this day he is now a seemingly normal, way above average intelligence kid, but he can have a conversation with you, he can look you in the eye, whereas he couldn’t before, so Brain Balance changed his life forever.”

After seeing the benefits that the program provided to his nephew, Neil was inspired to open his own center and make the program accessible to a greater number of children.
“It’s kind of one of those moments where you go, “If I don’t do this for somebody else, then how are they going to ever find an answer?” It’s kind of like this ripple effect. You help one child, but it’s not just one child, it’s the classroom that that child’s in, it’s that teacher, it’s that family, their extended family, the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles, and everybody kind of gets in on the benefit of what Brain Balance can do for a child.”
In addition to helping children and their extended families, Neil believes that the work of Brain Balance franchisees has a much wider reach.
“How many children do you have to change before whole communities are changed, and then how many communities do you have to change before whole regions are changed? And at some point, not in an overly dramatic way, you have to know that that would change the whole world.”
To Neil, one of the best parts of being a Brain Balance franchise owner is knowing that when the time comes for him to retire, he will be able to do so knowing he has done work he is truly proud of.
“Some people will look back and say, “I made a good income, I achieved a good title, I worked hard and now I have a good retirement”, and if that is the goal and that would be enough to satisfy you, then I think that that’s probably a good life for a lot of people. On the other hand, you can look back and say, “Not only did I make a good income, not only did I work hard and not only did I provide a good retirement for myself, but in the meantime, I was able to provide help for people that can’t get help anywhere, and I changed lives forever.” That changes things.”

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