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Baskin-Robbins resale locations SOLD

There is much appetite for Baskin-Robbins resales, the market leader in ice cream and frozen desserts franchise. Many of the resale listings are changing hands with new franchisees coming on board ready to further develop the businesses. Recently SOLD locations include Washington State, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Indiana.

Many Baskin-Robbins resale listings are changing hands with new franchisees coming on board ready to further develop the businesses.

Successful franchisee Alvaro Pertuz who owns 6 Baskin-Robbins locations, which are a combination of new and resales, shares his views and experience. He points out the benefit of buying a resale is being able to ‘hit the ground running!’ – With his purchase of his Dallas location, which was a resale, he says: “I signed the papers at 8 am and by 11 am I was up and running serving customers. The business already had cash flow and staff in place”. Another benefit in buying a resale is not having to tie up cash for months and with the business already having historic P&Ls, securing financing can be much easier.

"Franchise resales are inevitable. There is a natural progression. People retire, develop new interests, and relocate all the time. We see some very surprising results, simply by placing a new franchisee in control. There is always room for improvement, and someone with a fresh outlook, and increased energy can be a beautiful thing."
Brian Savage, CFE, Baskin-Robbins, Business Development Manager



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