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Buying a Marketing Franchise

Marketing is essential for organizations across the world to grow.  According to Franchise Direct, the United States has the largest marketing industry in the world, well above other markets such as in China and Japan.  The marketing industry covers several forms including print media, billboards, television, and radio and digital marketing.

If you're looking for an exciting franchise where there is always more to learn, a marketing franchise may be right for you.  A marketing franchise can include many different types of marketing including content marketing, paid media, social media marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and more.

Marketing Franchises

Entering the world of marketing as an independent entrepreneur can be extremely challenging, as they attempt to get their foot in the door.  Without a reputation, marketing businesses can fail to penetrate the market.

Investing in a marketing franchise will allow you to inherit the parent company’s reputation, which will open up access to an established customer base who already know and trust your brand.  Getting into a marketing franchise can help to navigate around the gatekeepers, since there is a higher level of trust.

Most marketing franchises will want to ensure their franchisees have the skills to maintain the parent company's reputation. So they will offer comprehensive training, along with a range of other benefits.

By getting into a marketing franchise, you can enjoy the benefits of your parent company’s experience and learn from the experts.  This will allow you to become your own boss and create a business that releases your creative talents, putting them to great use.

Facts About Marketing

For many small business owners, navigating the world of marketing is overwhelming.  This creates an excellent opportunity for marketing executives eager to help brands grow.  Marketing is continually evolving and personalization has become very popular in the 2020s.

Interactive marketing content is growing exponentially.  The main goal of interactive marketing is to get potential customers to interact with the brand.  Businesses that embrace this technology are the ones who thrive in this super competitive field.

Digital advertising has become a principal player in the marketing world, since the 1990’s.  The two largest online marketing giants are Facebook and Google.  Both have developed a means of gathering personal information to deliver precisely targeted advertising that is very proficient at influencing their users.  Huge profits are made in digital and mobile internet advertising

Digital marketing trends include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  This was developed to take part into the algorithms to reach the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • eCommerce:  These opportunities are with companies such as Amazon and Facebook.  The purpose is to attract the attention of the right audience.  This is an art form in these overcrowded marketplaces.
  • eCommerce Review Sites:  This is where the public can reinforce the marketing activity.  A 5 star review on a platform such as Yelp is what gets businesses recognized these days.
  • Artificial intelligence:  Tools for instant customer engagement and electronic assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, are very successful marketing tools.

Marketing Franchises vs. Independent

Like all franchising opportunities, marketing franchises require an initial investment. For that investment, you will gain access to the expertise and experience of established players in marketing.

Many people require funding to start a franchise and this is where franchising really does come into its own.

Banks and moneylenders have a tendency to favor the franchise model.  This is because the business already has been proven to be effective, profitable, and sustainable.  This means that the risk of ROI is usually lower.

Independent marketing companies often struggle to achieve their investment goals.  This is because their business plan lacks proof of sustainability or market viability. Many independent marketing businesses fail to achieve their revenue goals.

At least half of all independent marketing companies that go into business without the support of an established partner go into receivership within five years of opening.  That's a high percentage of marketing businesses who do not recoup their initial investment before going bankrupt.

On the other hand, marketing franchise businesses tend to hit the ground running.  The support of an established franchisor partner, whose interest is for the franchise to succeed, is critical in the success of the business.  Most franchisors oversee the first few years in the life of the franchise to ensure that the marketing franchise owner has the support they need to keep afloat and succeed.

Is a Marketing Franchise Right for You?

If you are looking for an interesting environment that frequently changes and gives you fascinating new technologies like marketing automation and artificial intelligence, consider investing a marketing franchise.  This is a sure way into the marketing sector.

Examples of Marketing Franchises:

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