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Does Brand Matter When Buying an Existing Franchise?

I'm interested in a van-based franchise, but unsure which brand to buy. Does brand matter?

Step one should not be the franchise brand but instead on the type of franchise you would enjoy working in. What we like doing is usually also what we are best at and so if you find a franchise you enjoy, then you are more likely to make a success out of it.

You have taken the first step to finding your ideal franchise by identifying that you would like a van / mobile franchise. You have obviously looked at what is involved in a van franchise and have identified the work as being something you would enjoy doing – traveling to meet customers, face to face communication, hands on work.

If however you decide now that maybe on second thoughts a van franchise isn’t for you, then you need to self-analyze yourself to identify what you would like doing. To do this a good starting point is to write down all your strengths and weaknesses and looking at tasks you have enjoyed undertaking in previous roles. The more information you can write down about yourself, the clearer it will become as to which franchises you would enjoy.

Once you have identified the type, whether it be van/mobile or maybe office or retail, you then need to narrow down the list of opportunities available under the category. What industries do they fall under? Are there any that interest you?

The good thing about franchising is that you do not usually need past experience to buy a particular franchise. So if you fancy working in e.g. the automotive industry because you have a passion for cars, then you can. Franchising presents you with new opportunities that you may not otherwise have been exposed to if still in employment or starting your own business from scratch.

Though we initially said not to focus on brand, once you are clear in the type of franchises you are interested in, then you should definitely start looking at the various brands available within this industry. You can read about opportunities online via franchise portals like franchiseresales.com and the company’s own website and by requesting for further information on franchise ownership with them. This will help you to identify brands that interest you enough to start considering buying one of their franchises.

It is important to check if the franchises you are interested in have availability in your region. No point in taking your request further if they have no franchises available!

Whether you are looking to buy a new franchise or a franchise resale, you should always evaluate each franchise in detail to make sure that you are buying into an ethical franchise opportunity. We have created a list of questions that will help you to assess each franchise.

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