Last Updated: 10-October-2012

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At Franchise Resale, we are very aware that Franchisees have a life cycle and when the time is right almost all will want to sell their franchise. We work closely with Franchisors or Franchisees and help promote their established businesses for sale to help find the right motivated buyers to take over the business and deliver better results and realize the full potential of the business opportunity.

All listings on the site are created and uploaded by us from content provided by the sellers of the franchises. This we believe adds added value as we try and create a compelling page that best promotes the franchise business for REsale. If you have an established franchise that you would like to sell please contact

If you are looking to buy an established franchise, i.e. a Resale and cannot find what you are looking for, you can contact us and we will try and help you through our many industry connections.

If you are looking for advice or trying to make sense of all the different areas of research and due diligence that you need to complete before you make the important decision to buy your ideal Franchise Resale, contact us as we may be able to help and if we can’t we usually know who can.