Last Updated: 09-June-2016

Dream Job in Baseball leads to Business Ownership


Franchisee Name: Bill Papierniak
Franchise Name: Cartridge World
Location: Innsbrook, Virginia

Papierniak says: "I am one of the luckiest people that I know, having had the opportunity to work in a job that as a child you dream about", and then entered the world of franchising because it "provides a proven formula for success. The support that the corporate office provides to the franchisees is vital to our success, and it allows us to accomplish what otherwise might be impossible without their support".

cw boxHe talks of how his experience helped him in business. "led me on a path to finding a new career that provided the ability to begin working for myself, ultimately allowing me to spend more time at home with my family".

Papierniak bought a franchise Resale that had been well run by its previous owners and had been established for 10 years. “I was able to step into something that already had a successful track record”.

logoo"As a company, Cartridge World is very B2B-focused, and that allows me the ability to utilize many of my same contacts within the region and grow the business. The B2B aspect was the driving force behind the business specifically".

Initially challenging Papierniak was having to take care of all aspects of the business as the owner. "I had been used to having a much larger team surrounding me to take care of some of the more mundane tasks that were now falling on me. I have also had to adjust to a much more limited budget for everything".
Papierniak hopes that he can grow his business to a point where he can take a step back and no longer work in day-to-day but rather focus on the more long-term, strategic plan for the business.