Last Updated: 12-June-2016

Getting the added edge for success


Franchisee Name: Bryan Warzecha
Franchise Name: Wireless Zone
Location: New Jersey

Bryan has been part of Wireless Zone with his father since 2000 and is part of the top performers within the network. “Being part of a large network like the Wireless Zone has great benefits in terms of support, new technology and great branding”.

Recognizing the challenges of starting a business from scratch in the wireless industry, the Warzechas chose to buy a franchise from Wireless Zone. “in the wireless industry it is very tough to be a "mom and pop" type of shop”; says Bryan.
“In terms of support, our franchisor has been very supportive and they have provided us with all the necessary tools & personnel to help us succeed”.

text boxBryan takes all daily challenges that the business has in his stride. Being in business in not easy, but the Warzechas admit that as a franchisee of Wireless Zone they had that extra bit of help and guidance when they needed it.

After 7 years running a successful location, the Warzechas decided to open a second location. That meant that Bryan could not devote all his time working the ‘front lines’ of one store. He structured a management team around himself that are able to handle most of the front line work and he now mostly handle back office & day 2-day business dealings.

WZHis advice to any new franchisee into this very competitive market is “while you don't need any prior experience to own a business in the cellular world, being part of a great franchise like Wireless Zone will give you the added edge to succeeding as opposed going off and doing it all on your own”.

When asked if he would do it again, the answer was a definite: “YES”.