Last Updated: 11-July-2016

The Real Deal on Customer Service


Franchisee Name: Tinker Hulsey
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Franchise Name: Grease Monkey

 "It’s all about Customer Service. My Grandfather and my Dad, I feel, were ahead of their times because I have heard both say 'It is all about that Customer and How you make them feel.' Grease Monkey is the Real Deal on Customer Service and I love that!”

Tinker found the training and support she received from Grease Monkey has been total! She says: “From my first phone call to Jeff King to going to Denver for a week in New Franchisee training, I never felt alone in doing this, so the support group is AMAZING!!!”

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Hulsey’s typical day at work is mainly behind the scenes carrying out essential office work and marketing. She goes to the shop early before opening to make sure all areas of the business are spotless and ready to serve their customers. Tinker enjoys interacting with her customers, “If you ever meet me, you know I LOVE PEOPLE and LOVE to talk, so that’s my part.

Her advice to incoming new franchisees is: “Stay engaged in your business, treat your employees as you would like someone to treat you. Have AWESOME customer Service skills and I mean AWESOME!! SMILE… your customers may never remember what you told them, but will remember how you made them feel!

text boxTinker firmly believes to be a successful franchisee and business owner; you need to always be there for your employees and to be a good leader and role model. The success in the business is a ‘shared success’ and it’s important for the business owner to always show their appreciation to their employees.

As for her future plans, Tinker wants to continue to grow her business at store #1007 and hopefully expand.

Shop exteriorShe generously offers her time to answer any questions any prospects may have about becoming a Grease Monkey Franchisee. When asked if she would do it again? She confidently says: "No doubt. I wished I would have opened a Grease Monkey a long time ago. I always tell those that contact me about owning a Grease Monkey. What are you waiting for, go for it…the Leadership is the Greatest, the Marketing has it all, but listen to all these people that are leading you, trust them. All of them have tons of experience and they want you to succeed.”