Last Updated: 27-September-2017

First Customer, Now Owner!


Name: Amanda Overmyer
Franchise: Once Upon a Child
Location: Findlay, Ohio

Amanda Overmyer is the owner of Once Upon a Child in Findlay, Ohio. She also owns another Winmark franchise, Style Encore, in the area.

Amanda opened her Once Upon a Child store in 2007. The decision to become a franchisee of the brand seemed a natural one to make: not only had Amanda been a long-time Once Upon a Child customer, having bought and sold at their stores since her oldest child was just a few months old, but she and her husband had several years’ previous experience of franchise ownership.
“Because we owned a franchise before we kind of thought we knew what it was like to own a franchise, but we didn’t have any support. It was kind of like “here’s your secret sauce recipe and your dough recipe, now go make pizzas.”
OUAC logo However, her experience with Winmark has been entirely different, and Amanda and her husband were immediately impressed by the level of support offered by the franchisor.
“My husband was in banking, and he was really impressed with the level of professionalism at Winmark - all the different support areas with the computer systems and marketing and just the whole training.
“We knew that was going to be our sign right there that we were supposed to move forward and start a Once Upon a Child.”

Now, over ten years later, Amanda still loves being a Once Upon a Child franchisee and helping families to save money on top-quality kids’ items.
“Each Once Upon A Child location is individually owned and operated by moms and dads who understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.
“Once Upon a Child's goal is to provide our customers a fun and convenient way to buy and sell kid's stuff.”