Last Updated: 28-November-2017

A franchise that provides a great work/life Balance


Name: Leisa Byars
Franchise: The Goddard School
Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee
The Goddard School is one of the highest-ranked childcare franchises in the USA. With over 460 schools in 36 states, The Goddard school’s unique teaching program reaches over 65,000 pupils.
It strives to be the best franchisor in the United States and has almost 30 years of experience in education and business.
Leisa Byars opened her Goddard School seven years ago, at a time when the US economy was in a fairly unstable condition. Although many people would have been reluctant to begin a new business at such a time, Leisa was not deterred.
“We actually started our school in 2010, which is right after the market dipped and we were in a recession. It ended up being a great time to start a school. If you deliver a quality product, which Goddard helps you do, then you should be able to have a successful school.”
logo GoddardLeisa’s professional background was in marketing prior to starting her school, so her Goddard franchise was her first venture into the education sector. However, Leisa’s lack of direct experience has not impacted on her success of enjoyment of her school.
“Both my directors are education majors, so my role is more about managing business and of course knowing my families.
“We have 250 families at our school. I feel like I have a large extended family. I know every parent, I know every child, I know their mee-maws, aunties, pawpaws. It’s awesome to be a part of so many people’s lives.”

As well as helping other people’s families, becoming part of Goddard has allowed Leisa to help her own – she now has the free time and financial freedom to share memorable times together.
“Owning a Goddard school has helped me balance family and work I can afford to do wonderful things with our family. We were able to go to Paris for our son’s graduation; my daughter’s graduation trip is planned for Greece next year. It’s awesome to be able to work hard and to see the benefit for my family.”
And she believes that Goddard stands out from other education franchises because of its unique approach to teaching, using a play-based program to facilitate learning through fun.
“Our F.L.EX (Fun Learning Experience) curriculum is all about ensuring that as children learn and develop, that learning is fun. And as a result, our teachers enjoy teaching even more, because they’re able to make learning fun and be creative in the classroom.
“Goddard consistently is one step ahead to ensure that we’re extremely competitive in our markets.”