Franchises for sale / resale in Delaware

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Franchising in Delaware

With a population of just over 900,000, Delaware is the 6th least populated state in the US.

According to Forbes, more than 50% of US publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware due to its business-friendly corporate law. The cost of doing business in Delaware is also 9.3% below the national average which is good news for anyone considering starting a franchise business.

There are over 2220 franchises in Delaware. 26,900 people are directly employed in franchising in Delaware and over 49,100 people in total are employed because of franchising. The total GDP as a direct result of franchising in Delaware is $1,481.9 million; the GDP because of franchising is $3,369.4 million.

Franchise resales are available across Delaware, including Dover the state capital and Wilmington the largest city, as well as Delaware City, Harrington, Newark, Seaford, Milford, and Lewes.