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Printing & Sign Company

Hampden County, MA

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With over four decades in the printing industry, this Company has a long-standing reputation in providing excellent printing and sign services in Western Massachusetts.

The owner seized the opportunity to co-brand the Company with the FASTSIGNS franchise in 2017 and has since experienced great revenue growth with the expansion of their offered capabilities and services. This offered the best of both worlds: maintaining their brand with its strong reputation, while getting support and adding capabilities that are usually only possible with a much larger company.

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At A Glance
Founded: 1985
Locations: 756
Initial Investment: 234K - 307K
Headquarters: Carrollton, TX

Leading the $29 Billion Sign Industry

Since 1985, FASTSIGNS International, Inc., has been ahead of the game when it comes to providing visual solutions to businesses. The company is a team of collaborators, strategists, graphics experts, and problem-solvers focused on a single goal: ensuring our clients have the most captivating and engaging visuals in the market. This single-minded focus has allowed FASTSIGNS to become the most well-known and trusted name in the graphics and signs industry.

FASTSIGNS specializes in providing visuals that businesses rely on: interior decor, promotional products, printing mailers, digital signage, exhibits, and much more.

FASTSIGNS is founded on four key strategic objectives:

  • Increase franchise profitability
  • Increase franchisee's average unit sales
  • Increase franchisee’s satisfaction
  • Increase the value of the brand





Worldwide Brand Recognition

In 1987, FASTSIGNS International, Inc., founders Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum started franchising from the Dallas Metroplex area. Nearly 30 years later, we have grown to over 750 locations in 9 countries around the world. Our franchisees stretch from the U.S. and Puerto Rico to the United Kingdom, the United Emirates, Australia, and beyond.

FASTSIGNS’ ability to adapt to every market’s need for visibility, graphics, and signage has allowed us to become an international presence. Businesses trust our services and turn to us on a global scale, knowing that we can provide the best in both visibility strategies and project services. As we continue to grow, we continue to look for creative and ambitious individuals that will take the FASTSIGNS brand to the next level.

Own a FASTSIGNS® Franchise and Join a Growing Industry

Franchising is a powerful business model, one that FASTSIGNS has continued to perfect over the decades. FASTSIGNS is a franchise that stands apart from the rest of the sign and graphics industry. What makes us unique? We provide effective franchisee training, support from the FASTSIGNS franchisee community, and a mutually-beneficial structure between FASTSIGNS and our franchisees—the three signs of a world-class franchise.

In fact, for more than a decade we have been recognized by the Franchise Research Institute as a World-Class Franchise (2006-2016), based simply on surveys of our franchisees. Their satisfaction is a result of our powerful franchise model.

More Than a Franchise—It’s a Way of Life

What sets FASTSIGNS apart from other models is that our franchise rewards creativity and unique vision. Developing a business’ visibility is never a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why innovation and a passion for visual problem solving are highly prioritized for our franchisees.

When a franchisee joins FASTSIGNS, they:

  • Become a contributing member of their business community
  • Exercise their sense of innovation by helping clients solve marketing challenges
  • Find fresh and new solutions to different business problems on a daily basis
  • Build a life of satisfaction, pride, and impressive achievement—on their terms

FASTSIGNS’ ability to adapt to market conditions has positioned us to conquer the sign and graphics industry for decades to come. In fact, our franchisees average upwards of $789,878 in revenue annually, with top quartile centers earning 34.5% in discretionary profit.

The seller has elected to keep detailed location information confidential pending an executed non-disclosure agreement.
United States
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Printing & Sign CompanyHampden County, MA$160,000 - MassachusettsView Full Listing

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