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Young Chef's Academy - New City, NY

Established Children's Cooking Franchise in New City, New York

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Young Chefs Academy of New City is a cooking school for children, teaching children of all ages the joy and value of cooking.

YCA of New City offer weekly classes (single paid or monthly memberships), birthday parties, holiday workshops, school break camps (winter break, spring break, summer break), field trips for local schools, organizations, boy/Girl Scouts and adult classes.Class

Current owners are selling as they cannot devote enough attention to the business. The owners are passionate about the brand and the mission would like to pass on this business to someone who can give it the attention it deserves.   YCA is great for the community.

This hands on experience is enjoyed by all children and reflected in the customer testimonials:

I can't say enough good things about Young Chefs Academy in New City. My daughter, who is 6 has been attending a class weekly for 4 months! She loves the class. Every week she learns new skills, that she loves to show off at home. She's a quiet child in new situations and the staff make her feel comfortable. The food she has been cooking are real meals and this allows her to try a variety of cooking techniques as well as different foods. She has a binder that she can show off with her recipes she has made inside. She has showed it off to many friends and family, very proud of herself. She also just got a chef's jacket and has started earning patches as she learns skills. When I tell people she attends these classes they think it's awesome. We are thankful for this location and that she can attend classes at YCA to learn skills and participate in something she truly enjoys. I highly recommend Young Chefs Academy.” - Jennifer

We had a great time! The kids really enjoyed themselves and the staff made us feel at home. Awesome place especially if you want to teach the kids a life skill while having fun. It's also a nice change from the movie / bouncy house / arcade game sort of parties most kids have.” -Joseph

"All my son wanted to do was to cook, so we signed him up. He loves it and it is a wonderful place. He looks forward to going every week. They also make great, delicious recipes. Everyone that works at Young Chefs Academy is so kind and helpful. I highly recommend it.” - Lauren

At A Glance
Founded: 1977
Locations: 286
Initial Investment: 134K - 277K
Headquarters: Oradell, NJ
Huntington Learning Center

Huntington is one of the most established and well-respected brands in education. Since opening its first location in 1977, Huntington has grown to nearly 300 learning centers nationwide which provide quality instruction to thousands of students grades K-12.
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59 S Main St #2
New City, New York 10956
United States
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