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Business Posts

Industrial Franchises

Industrial Franchises When it comes to franchising, there are opportunities in many different industries. Quick-service restaurants are the largest industry in the world of franchising, but owning and managing a...[ read more ]

Home Products & Services Franchises A rise in work at home and a changing real estate landscape post-COVID-19 have boosted the home services industry. According to recent research from Angi.com,...[ read more ]

Education & Training Franchises

The United States is one of the most educated countries in the world, ranking in the top 12. With just a little more than half of the population having a...[ read more ]

Children's Products & Services

Raising a child is likely one of the most expensive ventures in life. Many parents want the absolute best for their children, whether that be clothes, after school care, tutoring...[ read more ]

Business Services Franchises

It takes a lot to operate a business. For many small and medium-sized business owners, their staff alone can’t handle every single task. They say Rome wasn’t built in a...[ read more ]

Pet Franchises

Pets & Supplies Franchises    In 2022, more Americans planned to get presents for their pets than their in-laws for the holidays, according a survey from Personal Capital. Only 19% had...[ read more ]

Automotive Franchises

It’s estimated there are more than 284 million cars on the road in the U.S. That’s 284 million potential customers who need their cars fixed, tuned, and so much more....[ read more ]

Retail Franchises | Franchise Resales

Retail Franchises While the franchise industry is comprised of many restaurants and business services, retail franchises are quickly booming. A retail franchise can sell a variety of products from fashion...[ read more ]

Sports & Recreation Franchises

People have been prioritizing fitness and wellness for years, but now more than ever Americans are seeing wellness in an all-encompassing fashion. That includes sports and fitness to recreation and...[ read more ]

Fitness & Beauty Franchises

The fitness and beauty industry is a luxury area more people are viewing as a necessity. A majority of Americans believe wellness, including fitness and beauty, are more important than...[ read more ]

Food & Restaurant Franchises

The restaurant industry is changing in a post-pandemic world. New pandemic-proof business models, new technology, and fun marketing trends are keeping consumers coming back for more. It’s the perfect time...[ read more ]

Vending Machine Franchise

Vending machine franchises have come a long way from throwing a few coins in a machine, pushing a button and anticipating the mechanical delivery of a can of soda or...[ read more ]

Cleaning Franchises | Franchise Resales

In a post-COVID-19 world, people and businesses are still putting cleaning and sanitization on the top of their list making cleaning franchises an attractive business alternative. At the same time,...[ read more ]