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The 8 Most Important Attributes of an Online Business-For-Sale Listing

With nine out of ten prospective buyers shopping online for business acquisition opportunities, one of the most important aspects of marketing a business for sale is creating a well crafted online listing.  Online buyers are more likely to respond to listings with specific attributes that make ads stand out.



Here are some key points that make online ads work well:   

1. Key Financials

The asking price and cash flow (or the seller’s discretionary earnings) are the two most important financial figures.  Without these numbers, it is difficult for a potential buyer to know if your business fits his or her lifestyle, income needs and investment capability.

2. Geographic Location

While listing sites allow you to keep the location information confidential, it is best that you don’t.  If you desire to keep your sale confidential, you can still do so by providing broad, but not specific (street or neighborhood) geographic information.

3. Headline

Listings that highlight unique selling points are more likely to capture a buyer’s attention.  They only read beyond the headline if it grabs their attention and inspires their interest.  Think about what would make you want to buy your business and write a headline that conveys your answer.

4. Description

The description should include all the essential details, with information on what makes the business stand out from your competition, its strengths and future potential.  Don’t be stingy with the details.  Include enough facts to cause buyers to think you have nothing to hide and much to like.

5. Ad Accuracy

There's nothing like a bunch of typos to send buyer interest and price offers in another direction.   It's your responsibility to double check the text you provide.  By using spellcheck, proof reading the ad yourself and giving it to a trusted advisor before releasing it online, you will reduce the chance for errors in your ad.

6. Pictures

A visual representation of your business is very important.  Post photos that convey the quality of your business interior, exterior, equipment or other aspects that will increase buyer interest and confidence.

7. Seller Financing

A big obstacle for many buyers is financing.  If you are willing to carry part of the financing, that’s a huge plus.  According to some business brokers, seller-financed businesses are more likely to sell than those that are not.

8. Contact Information

Set up your account so that the email address cannot be traced back to your business. Then commit to checking for responses frequently and respond promptly.  Serious buyers expect to receive a response from their inquiry within the first day or two.  The quickest way to kill buyer interest is with a slow response.


If your business-for-sale listing isn’t getting enough inquiries, then it may be time to make some improvements.  There are many resources available to help you with your journey of selling your franchise, including Franchise Resales.  We are a unique online platform because we only accept previously owned franchises to be listed.  You want to make sure the right people see your listing, and our platform works well to connect sellers to ideal buyers.


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