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New Year Resolution - Buy a Business!

More people have 'Buy a Business' on their New Years resolution list than you might think! Granted that the top resolutions include spending more time with the family, quit smoking, tame the bulge etc... However, once those personal categories are addressed, a large percentage of people consider change in their work. Last year according to Usa.gov, ‘job change’ ranked number 4 on the top ten list.

For those who have held management positions or just been working year in year out for someone else – New Year is often the time for fresh and new endeavors. Time to put in the hard work and ‘go it alone’. For many just the thought of starting something new would be so frightening and daunting, that the resolution gets shelved for another year.

Buying a business and starting a new business from scratch is not easy! There are so many risks to consider, which is why in the absence of a genius and never done before concept, buying a franchise is often the preferred method of business ownership. With a franchise, as the saying goes: ‘You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself’! The support franchisees get from an established franchisor and the other franchisees in the system is unparalleled.

Then again, going one stage further from buying a new franchise, buying an existing franchised business can be the less risky option. When buying a franchise resale, the buyers get to evaluate an existing business, look over the figures and see the client base for themselves. It’s a little like seeing into a crystal ball and seeing how a business could progress. On top of the advantage of seeing the business in operation, getting it funded is often easier due to the existence of a track record.

All this plus all the training and support that comes with franchise ownership surely must put buying a Franchise resale well in the top on the New Year resolution list of those who are set on starting the New Year on a clean slate in relation to work.

For those interested in browsing franchise resales in the US, www.franchiseresales.com provides a great resource, as it is the only dedicated site in the US for the sale of existing franchises.

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