Last Updated: 28-November-2015

Franchise Resales news and opinions


Buyers motivated by seminar at WCFE

Many visitors were able to attend a free seminar on the benefits of buying a Franchise REsale. The room was at full capacity reflecting the genuine interest from buyers wanting to learn more about buying an established franchised business with existing cash flow.
National Brands, 7-Eleven and Baskin-Robbins were represented to explaining the Resales process within their networks.


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Franchisee Success Stories


Dream come True

As someone with a master’s degree in business, it was always Jessica's dream to own her own business. When the opportunity presented itself to buy an existing Central Bark Doggy Day Care the question was never why would she do it? It was, how can she make this happen?


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Buying a REsale

How to identify the best franchise REsale opportunity

It is not a case of finding the best Franchise REsale, but the best Franchise REsale that suits YOU. In order to find your ideal franchise REsale you need to ask yourself the same questions you would ask when considering buying a new franchise.

No two people are the same so it makes sense that not everyone will be suited to the same franchise.Don’t just jump at the first franchise name you recognize or consider to be a good franchise, as what is right for one person may not be right for you. While one person can make a success out of running a McDonald's franchise, if you don’t like retail or want to be less hands-on, then it could be a disaster.


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Resale advice

Selling a REsale

How to value a franchise REsale


If you are hoping to sell your business in the near future, it is important to have a good idea of how much it is worth. Unfortunately, the business owner is usually not the best person to determine this value. He/she is too close and has too much invested in the business (both financially and emotionally) to be an objective evaluator. For this reason, it is always recommended that you bring in a professional to perform a business valuation.


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The Franchise REsales Wall

resales wall text The Franchise REsales Wall is a highly effective and innovative way to market established franchise businesses for sale. With over 50% of franchise business buyers interested in considering a franchise REsale as a preferred option, the innovative Franchise REsales Wall is a very popular starting point at the MFV franchise Exhibitions. Read more...

Buying an existing franchise for sale can be the right choice

This can be a good option if you find the thought of building up a new location from scratch a little bit daunting and not quick enough. There are also other advantages to get into business for yourself by buying an existing location. You can benefit from:

  • An existing local customer base
  • Brand presence in the local market
  • Revenue from day one
  • Often costs less than a start up
  • Inventory, staff and property in place
  • Business history to expedite financing
  • Often financed by the seller

About Franchise REsales

Offering very distinct service to owners of franchises for sale

We are a destination website. is the only website dedicated to the REsale of existing franchised businesses, offering franchises for REsale to suitable buyers. With over 50% of buyers preferring to buy a franchise Resale first, provides the ideal platform to promote franchises that are ready to change ownership. And approximately 10% of franchise owners would consider reselling their franchise if there was a practicable marketplace for REsale. On the site buyers can browse franchise Resale opportunities by location and connect directly to the sellers without anyone else in between. is in partnership with MFV expo, the largest franchise Expo company in the US and has the support of the International Franchise Association (IFA) ensuring industry-wide promotion and presence. strives to deliver a better-informed candidate to the sellers of a franchise for REsale by including free educational elements, access to free online franchise Resale expert panel and franchisee stories. In addition advice on how to value a franchise Resale and how to best promote a franchise business for Resale. All this we believe helps create a more informed prospective buyer for a Resale franchise as well as providing increased exit opportunities for existing franchisees.