Last Updated: 06-March-2015

Franchise Resales news and opinions


Launch of the resales wall… a huge success!

The franchise resales wall was successfully launched at the FES in Houston this February. The wall provided a place for exhibitors to list existing franchise businesses for sale both in the local market and nationally.
There seems to be a great appetite for buying established businesses that are up for sale. In mature and established franchise networks, there is an inevitable change in ownership of individual franchises that can range between 5-8% of the network.


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Franchisee Success Stories


Knowing your product and customer is the key to success.

With a background in the hotel and restaurant industry, Adil Sequeira’s first business venture was a decent sized gas station. When he was ready to add to his portfolio, he looked for a well-known national brand with strong business potential, low competition in his market and fun and exciting products. He settled on Baskin-Robbins.


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What would count as a negative to the business credit score?

Like personal credit scoring, business credit scores provide a quick view of risk potential based on where the score falls on the scale. The higher the score, the lower the risk. Unlike personal credit scoring, business credit scores use a scale that ranges from 0 to 100.


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Buying a resale

Can a failing franchise resale become profitable?

One of the most pressing questions of a buyer considering the purchase of a re-sale is, “Can I turn the failing franchise unit into a profitable venture?” The answer will depend on a number of case-specific factors, but usually a franchise with a good brand is unsuccessful because of the franchisee’s failures, rather than the brand or location.


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Resale advice

Selling a resale

Tips for selling your franchise

The first tip for selling a business is to leave emotions out of the equation. Though personal factors can sometimes influence your decision to sell e.g. poor health or death in the family, the majority of the time your reason to sell should be based on economic advantage. You should plan ahead of time to make sure you sell when the economy offers a satisfactory return on your investment.


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Buying an existing franchise for sale can be the right choice

This can be a good option if you find the thought of building up a new location from scratch a little bit daunting and not quick enough. There are also other advantages to get into business for yourself by buying an existing location. You can benefit from:

  • An existing local customer base
  • Brand presence in the local market
  • Revenue from day one
  • Often costs less than a start up
  • Inventory, staff and property in place
  • Business history to expedite financing
  • Often financed by the seller

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