Last Updated: 17-October-2019

Franchisee Success Stories


Paying it forward with Plato’s Closet

Husband and wife team Tony and Julie Finical are the owners of several Plato’s Closet stores throughout Louisiana. They opened their first Plato’s Closet store in 2003. “Everyone has different reasons why they get in business for themselves. Our reasons never were to make as much money as possible - Because at the end of the day, what’s the definition of success? Is it having money in your bank account or is it having a family that really loves you?”


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Are re-sale numbers a good way of judging any franchise operation?

Q  I am interested in buying a franchise. Thought about a fresh startup and then considered a re-sale. I have been looking at how many re-sales a franchise has at any one time as a guide to how good that franchise operation is in general. Is this fair?

A Most mature franchisors can expect to have around 7-10% of their network for sale at any one time. All franchisees have a life cycle with the typical time to sell being 7 years for a smaller operation to 15 years for larger ones – it all really depends on what is involved. Newer franchise networks have very few available as they are still in the early growth stages. However with longer established and mature systems it is not at all a negative sign reflecting the quality of the franchise to see locations changing ownership. Basically nearly everyone who buys a franchise will at some point want to sell it.


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Franchise Resales Blog

How Franchise Resales Help Fuel Wireless Zone's Success

By: Cassidy McAloon

By Buying An Existing Franchise, Wireless Zone Franchisees Are Able To Avoid The Costs And Concerns Typically Associated With Building A New Business From The Ground Up.


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Buying an existing franchise for sale can be the right choice

This can be a good option if you find the thought of building up a new location from scratch a little bit daunting and not quick enough. There are also other advantages to get into business for yourself by buying an existing location. You can benefit from:

  • An existing local customer base
  • Brand presence in the local market
  • Revenue from day one
  • Often costs less than a start up
  • Inventory, staff and property in place
  • Business history to expedite financing
  • Often financed by the seller

Resale advice

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Selling a REsale

Practical advice for selling a franchise


The decision to sell a business is one of the most important choices anyone will ever have to make and for many franchisees it will be uncharted territory. Having invested a considerable amount of time and effort in building the business, its sale probably holds the key to a comfortable and secure future. But many franchisees find that it can be quite stressful, so to help minimise pressure, planning for the sale should start well in advance of the time you actually intend to exit.


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Buying a REsale

Why existing franchises are for sale

Franchisees may wish to sell their franchise business for a number of reasons:

  • They are retiring
  • They are relocating
  • They have other business interests that they wish to concentrate on
  • Their exit plan was to sell the franchise after a specific number of years in order to make a profit
  • or they may simply have realised that the business is not right for them

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The Franchise REsales Wall

resales wall text The Franchise REsales Wall is a highly effective and innovative way to market established franchise businesses for sale. With over 50% of franchise business buyers interested in considering a franchise REsale as a preferred option, the innovative Franchise REsales Wall is a very popular starting point at the MFV franchise Exhibitions. Read more...

About Franchise REsales

Offering very distinct service to owners of franchises for sale

We are a full service resales company.

Franchise Resales LLC offers a variety of options to the franchisee that is ready to sell or to the franchisor that is seeking an additional resource for buyers for their resales. With several years of experience solely focused on franchise resales...we have created a menu of services that will accommodate any sized transaction. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your franchise resale! We will work with you through the entire process!