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It seems like yesterday that you opened your franchise.  The first few years were challenging but it was a labor of love.  Over the years your business grew and evolved into a stable, proven business machine delivering the lifestyle and wealth you have always wanted.  But now it is time to move on to your next adventure.  You want to sell franchise business at the highest price and reap the financial rewards associated with all your hard work.

Others just started to grow but family or health issues are forcing you to sell a business earlier than expected.  You know you will not get top dollar, but you don’t want to give the business away either.

Regardless of the reason, it is natural and expected that one day you will want to sell your franchise.  The question is, what is the best way to sell my franchise?  There are several ways to sell your franchise as follows -

The first is within your franchise community.  A common buyer for your franchise is either the franchisor or a fellow franchisee.  These are the folks that know your business best.  They will not overpay but, due to their knowledge of the business, it is a relatively easy transaction.  In addition, many franchisors already use Franchiseresales.com and other similar website to help find an outside franchise buyer.

You may also consider using Business Brokers.  Although business brokers are considerably more expensive, they might be worth it.  Like selling your home, selling your franchise can be emotional.  A seasoned business broker can help you avoid getting too tied up in the emotional aspects of a negotiation.  In addition, many business brokers use franchiseresales.com and other websites to help identify potential buyers for your franchise.

Finally, you can choose to sell your franchise directly.  This approach will help you save on commissions and allow you to control the entire process.  If this is something your want to pursue, we are here to help.

Listing your franchise business on FranchiseResales.com is designed to be easy and inexpensive.  The listing fee is only $100 and there is a small monthly fee depending on the package you choose.  In your individualized Dashboard you will be able to see how many times your ad has been presented to potential buyers (Impressions) and how many people have viewed your franchise resale (Views).  In addition, all leads will be sent directly to you (Inquires).  No middleman.  Our SEO optimized website is designed to target individuals who are looking for franchise resales.  We might be able to help you find a great buyer.

If you are the best person to sell your franchise business, then let us help you.

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