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At a Glance

  • Founded: 2019
  • Locations: 59
  • Initial Investment: $ 118K - 160K
  • Headquarters: Papillion, NE
  • Category: Cleaning & Maintenance Flooring and Concrete Storage & Organizing

Hello Garage Franchise Information

Be your own boss.

You've probably heard that one before.

It's a cliché, but it's true - owning a business does allow you to call the shots and, well, be your own boss. But being the boss also means the buck literally stops with you. The rewards can be great, but the responsibility can be incredibly overwhelming.

So, what if you could go into business for yourself, but you didn't have to be in business by yourself? That's the whole idea behind owning a Hello Garage franchise.

Better yet, what if the hardest part - the product mix, the branding, the marketing - had already been taken care of and tested successfully in the real world? You'd really just need to put together a team of Garage Gurus and start helping your neighbors reimagine their garages.

Hello, Proven Business Model

Hello Garage is the brainchild of the people at Supportworks, a family-run company that has been helping foundation and concrete contractors across the US and Canada scale their businesses for more than a decade. They've done this by providing their dealers with proprietary consulting on every aspect of the business machine - from marketing and customer care to sales and production and more. Now this proven model has been adapted to the garage renovation space and is already achieving similar success.

Hello, Decades of Experience

Supportworks, Hello Garage's parent company, didn't just appear in the world 12 years ago fully formed. It was created when the Thrasher family's foundation and concrete repair business, founded in 1975, needed a company to design and manufacture products to its own exacting specifications. In other words, despite being a new company, Hello Garage comes with a long history of ingenuity and innovation born over many a spirited kitchen-table discussion.

A $2 billion industry with no dominant player... yet.

Garage renovation is a $2 billion segment that's growing by 5 percent a year, yet there's no Terminix or Planet Fitness that's leading the way. That's why Hello Garage was created: to disrupt the industry by redefining it and become its undisputed leader.

And, think about it, outside a few of America's oldest, densest cities, who doesn't have a garage? Just take a leisurely drive through your own neighborhood sometime. Every one of those garages represents a potential goldmine.

(You're starting to see it, aren't you...)

The Bottom Line

How much does it cost... and how much can I make?

Honestly, setting up a Hello Garage franchise costs a lot less than you probably think (and a lot less than some other franchises we could mention). Plus, your initial investment can often be covered by an SBA loan and includes your first three months of marketing.

Once you're established, the size of your franchise is really up to you. Want more business? Simply step on the marketing gas pedal and add a crew or two.

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