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Two Maids Resale in West Hartford CT

Own the Most Talked About Maid Service in America!

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If you're thinking about starting your own business but have no experience, you should dream big and start small. Look for a concept with high demand yet low startup and operating costs. Something that won't need a physical location and doesn't require a high skill level or extensive training. One business that fits the bill is a house cleaning business. It's easy to start a house cleaning business; you don't need a lot of capital or experience and, most importantly, it's easy to grow.

At A Glance
Founded: 2003
Locations: 12
Initial Investment: $51,140
Headquarters: Birmingham, AL
Two Maids

Why Start a house cleaning business?

A $40 Billion Industry Ripe For Disruption

The residential cleaning industry is experiencing a surge in consumer demand due to the growing number of dual-income households and more families working from home. The rising demand for our services has created a marketplace that is expected to reach roughly $47 billion in the U.S. by 2026.

Demand Outweighs the Supply

It is clear that the demand for professional home cleaners is growing. Unfortunately, more than 90% of the marketplace is served by an extremely fragmented industry comprised of small Mom & Pop operators. The small businesses that currently serve most of the residential cleaning industry are notorious for providing poor customer service and inefficient, inconsistent cleanings. Quite frankly, our industry is one of the few marketplaces where supply has not kept pace with consumer demand.

Unique Benefits of Our Business Model

The entire business model of Two Maids & A Mop is designed to provide unique benefits to a consumer that cannot be replicated by a competing house cleaning company or individual.

1. Digital Marketing Experts

We invest 100% of our marketing spend to digital channels such as pay per click, social media and search engine optimization. Getting in front of a qualified lead that is ready to make a buying decision is our main priority. This approach allows us to generate a much higher ROI than traditional methods which use offline advertising.

2. Our Customer Talk

Word of mouth is an essential ingredient of success for a cleaning business. We offer proprietary tools that encourage our customers to talk about their experience in both online and offline environments. Our tagline says it best, `Two Maids & A Mop truly is A Maid Service Worth Talking About!`

3. Pay for Performance

Employees in our franchise network care more about their job because customer feedback determines the level of compensation they recieve. After each home cleaning, the customer is asked to provide a simple 1-10 rating based on their level of satisfaction. The happier our customer, the more money our professional house cleaners earn.

4. Immediate Scheduling

Traditionally, consumers hire maid services because their lives are busy and thier time is valuable. Many home owners simply do not have the time for a phone call or in-home estimate to determine the cost of having their home professionally cleaned. We offer a proprietary website that allows customers to receive a quote immediately and book a cleaning within 60 seconds.

5. Proprietary Software

Our experience within the residential cleaning industry dates back to 2003 and we've literally cleaned more than one million homes since our humble beginnings in Florida. We know how consumers think, we know what employees want, and we also know what management needs in order to run a business. Our custom-built software ties together everyone's needs into a single one- of-a-kind front end and back end product.

6. Preferred Vendor Relationships

Many small businesses in the cleaning industry struggle to source high quality, cost-efficient products. The size of our franchise network, combined with our decades of experience, allows us to source the best products for the lowest price.


The seller has elected to keep detailed location information confidential pending an executed non-disclosure agreement.
West Hartford, Connecticut
United States
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