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Loving to Serve the Community

Javier Gomez’s love affair with the 7-Eleven brand began when he was a little kid in Laredo, Texas. And it all started with a Slurpee® drink. “I was amazed by the taste and the store too. It was a brand new store, a block away from my house.”
A love of serving the people in his community was in his genes. His dad was a taxi driver, his mom a notary public. Both were hard working and loving parents.

Javier felt encouraged to always bet on himself and knew one day he would have his own business. Eventually, he landed a job as a 7-Eleven corporate store manager.

I loved being a corporate store manager. Being at the store, in the field, interacting with customers and then having your own little crew to work with,” he shared. Entrepreneurial and conservative with his money, he saved and reinvested in a few steadily growing real estate holdings in the booming market of Austin, Texas. When the time came to diversify and think of the future, he chose 7-Eleven.

“To be honest, I didn’t look at other franchises,” he stated nonchalantly. “Owning a franchise you have a lot of support and you're owning a 7-Eleven franchise, so they already laid the groundwork for you.”

When he first looked into getting a store, he prepared for it as any Franchisee would. He gathered capital and backed it with managerial know-how. Then Javier found out about the Store Manager Franchisee Assistance Program. Since he spent years making corporate stores profitable, he was a candidate for special benefits: financial support, incentivizing corporate benefits, and a host of other items.
His thoughts? One word: “Awesome.

Like any other Franchisee, opening his first store came with concerns and fears. Franchisees essentially run a small business. Each store has its own challenges. Franchisees meet them by overseeing store operations, leading employees, and managing inventory with skill and efficiency. But they’re not alone. Through trusted Franchise Sales Representatives they tap into the knowledge base of over 3500 corporate employees tirelessly working to give them the advantage they need.

I've only been at this store for a short while but I learned a lot of the customers' names, and when they walk in I'm able to interact with them on a personal level. I always ask them, ‘You want the usual?’ and chitchat about personal stuff. It makes them feel like a part of the store. Where people know your name.”

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, Javier likes life fast and fun while also staying focused. Riding a motorbike requires constant attention to your surroundings, and he stressed that at 7-Eleven great training is the foundation for pin-point focus on the job ahead. The training program combines classroom and in-store training on store operations, merchandising and procedures, financial information and employee relations. The team you build can be key and Javier stressed they are as important to him as the community he serves.

I create a culture of caring with my employees. I build a team that's flexible so they can cover each other in times of need. It’s a good approach. It makes them have a personal attachment to you. It’s worked for me. Once I do build a team, they stay with me quite a long time.”
“Javier’s journey to business owner is the dream that has come to life, and is a tribute and example to be used for all entrepreneurial-minded people,” adds Edward James, a dedicated Franchise Sales Representative in the Austin area. “He is a servant leader within the community he serves, and a great ambassador of the 7-Eleven brand.”

Because of his unique perspective and experience in turning stores around, we asked Javier, what it takes to be a successful Franchisee. “You have to be a people's person,” he replied with a smile. “You've really got to back up the quality you sell in your store with a place where people want to come. Build a relationship with the neighborhood that your store is in and then allow your employees to be themselves, because when they feel comfortable, they smile. Take pride in what you're selling.”

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